Sat 3rd November 2018

Bridgwater Carnival

Dating from as early as 1847 the Guy Faulks Carnival is a world famous annual event with approximately 100 entries to enjoy, including approximately 50 illuminated carnival carts some of which will be up to 100 ft long and hold over 20,000 lights as well as dancers performing and musical acts, The carnival ends with the famous act of squibbing - where a group of people light stout poles in the shape of brooms and fireworks shoot out.

£13.00 per person

Pick up times 13.50 Dalwood, 14.05 Kilmington, 14.15 Gamberlake, 14.20 Axminster Sq, 14.25 Milwey, 14.30 Allsaints, 14.40 Tytherleigh, 14.45 Tatworth, 15.00 Boden Street Chard – Feeder Bus 13.35 Colyton, 13.50 Seaton. Timings are approximate depending on pick up point bookings and may change so please ensure we have your phone number when booking so we can update you.