Saturday May 20th

Buckfast Abbey (coffee) & Dartmouth

  • Please see pick up timetable 2 - on this occasion the Kilmington pick up will be at 10am

Buckfastleigh first became home to an Abbey in 1018 and is still an active Benedictine Monastery. It is a popular place to visit to enjoy the beautiful peaceful surroundngs of the Abbey and its gardens, featuring a lavendar garden, a physic garden and a sensory garden which are free to visit and enjoy.

The Grange restaurant produces home cooked food and a good cup of tea or coffee.

If you have time I would personally reccomend viewing The blessed sacrament chapel homemade east window - a huge modern window completed in 1968, particularly on a bright day this window is breathtaking in its scale and the use of bright coloured glass in its contruction.


Overlooking one of the finest naural Harbours in England, Dartmouth sits on the western bank of the estuary of the River Dart.

With a long maritime heritage, including having been a landing bay for the crusades and today a strong connection with the Royal Navy, Dartmouth has much history and charm nestled in its quaint cobbled streets, home to many independant shops and restaurants, it is also a hub for the arts with galleries and exibitions to wander round during your visit.